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A Girl's Guide To Getting By

Apr 24, 2019

On this week's episode, we get as close to the premiss of our show as we ever have with Victoria Volpei, The Blonde Budget.  Lessons learned in this episode were taken to heart by both hosts who really needed to hear EXACTLY what Victoria is teaching - getting finances in order by budgeting properly!

About Victoria:

Budgeting books, talk shows, Google searches… Maybe you’ve tried all of these venues to help get you on the right track financially and so did I! After becoming debt-free, I knew I needed to make the task a little bit easier by serving others and educating them on budgeting, finances and getting out of debt! This is a one-stop-shop to get motivated, find resources and tackle your finances FINALLY.


Hi there! I’m Victoria and I’m so glad you landed here today! I’m based in sunny Southern California where I live with my husband Jeff and our sweet son. I’m a wife, new mom, Jesus follower, bargain hunter, and budget lover. I love fashion, Joanna Gaines, the beach, my son’s laughter and helping people take control of their life through money. And, I truly believe Mexican food is superior to most things. 

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